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Ms. Prisley Dinah L. Baysa, MM

Head, Quality and Planning Department (HQP)
Head, Student Affairs and Services Department (HSAS)

Ms. Baysa is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Asian Development Foundation College (ADFC), Tacloban City, Leyte and took up her Masters Degree in Management in Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP), Manila in 2011.

Ms. Baysa has an extensive experience and worked for different companies such as Home Development Mutual Fund/Pag-Ibig Fund, Jollibee Foods Corporation and United Laboratories, INC. (UNILAB) as Records Staff/Encoder.

Ms. Baysa also worked in the Asian Institute of Maritime Studies for 15 years and handled various capacities such Records Staff in the Office of the Registrar, Coordinator for Records and Admission Unit and later on was appointed as the Coordinator for Quality Assurance Department - Academic Unit. Two years after that, Ms. Baysa was promoted as an Assistant Registrar and handled the position for 5 years. During her stay in AIMS, she has been an Internal Quality Auditor for 3 consecutive years.

To add in her stellar experience, she was awarded by AIMS as a Model Employee for Achievement in 2014, Mastery in 2011 and Integrity in 2010.

Currently, she is the Head for Quality and Planning Department and Head of Student Affairs and Services Department of the Integrated School of Science.

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